Video Clips

Five global leaders talk to Christine Miller about Love and what it means to them

These video clips (total length under 10 minutes) represent a small selection of the leaders
I have had conversations with for the Love in the Boardroom/Love at Work project.

You will discover here many different meanings and interpretations of ‘Love’ at work, ranging from caution and uneasiness to the joyful, exuberant embrace of Love as a core, essential component of  work and life. They are an introduction to my project, a glimpse of the fascinating exchanges in which over 65 leaders have participated, and a sample of the 20 questions which I explored over a period of three years.

There have been some amazing results and feedback about improved communications and increases in  bottom line performance and employee engagement subsequent to these thought provoking, powerful conversations.

We are looking forward to publishing the results and sharing  great things that happen when Love Works in organisations.