The Power of Love at Work –

A Leadership Retreat to Advance Your Success

Why does being loving and compassionate matter 
in successful organisations today?

How can wise leaders respond ethically as global change demands action?

What does it take to thrive in a complex world that’s shifting radically?

Used in a work or business context, ‘Love’ is a word that can strike fear into the most courageous of hearts, especially those of leaders, managers and other prominent figures who worry that they may be misunderstood if they express Love for their people. Yet some of the most successful business leaders in the world (including AliBaba’s Chairman Jack Ma, net worth $35.8 billion) use the word freely at major global events :

“To gain success a person will need high EQ; if you don’t want to lose quickly you will need a high IQ,
and if you want to be respected you need high LQ – the IQ of Love.”

Jack Ma, Alibaba, World Economic Forum 2018

‘Love’ is defined here as a resource, an intelligence and a way of being, it is a quality, a value, a verb for action, also a noun, and is expressed in the care and regard for a person, work or organisation that is unconditional, satisfying in itself, regardless of the return one receives.

Love is more present in organisations than we notice or acknowledge. It underlies much of what we do that is not driven by fear, stress or coercion. Love powers our efforts to manifest what we believe is good, what will benefit others, or is in service to our visions, ideals and values. Love’s presence can be seen in the founder’s urge to serve, bringing something of value into the world, in people’s desire to connect, and be productive in meaningful ways, and in the engagement, passion and creativity we bring to work.

“Love is simple decision theory. Finding creative ways to Love
solves every leadership problem I can imagine.”

Rodney Ferris, Author, Learning to Love 

In today’s VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) Love is a powerful, liberating resource, a reliable moral compass when it is released into action in organisational life, strong, purposeful and transformational – one of the best tools a leader can have in their kit to inspire their people and encourage remarkable results.

When Love is present, when values are lived rather than cited then forgotten, there is vibrancy and unity permeating the culture, bringing better performance at all levels.”  Christine Miller

Christine Miller MA, FRSA, author of the comprehensive global study of Love and caring at work, ‘Love in the Boardroom’, invites you to an exploration of the power of Love in organisations.

If you seek new sources of inspiration for these and other questions, be part of this exclusive, transformative 5-day retreat to explore and understand how compassion, kindness and Love can improve performance, profit and satisfaction in your workplace and beyond. Engage your imagination and creativity to meet the ever-expanding complexity of your work in this unique executive programme designed to help you meet the challenges of the future.

Will you come and explore the power of Love in leadership and work?

Attendees will…

  • Discover the multiple meanings, grammar and languages of Love
  • Learn how and where Love is present and available in business
  • Understand the sources of Love’s power and performance in the workplace
  • Learn practical ways to remove barriers to Love and caring in organisations
  • Identify and experience how to foster Love and caring in your own life and work

Why should you attend?

This is a rare opportunity for leaders and teams to safely explore the meaning and practice of Love at work – typically a taboo topic in organisations – with an experienced and highly knowledgeable guide.

What else will Christine share?

  • Unique, extensive research on the presence and impact of Love in organisations from over 250 leaders, authors, consultants, practitioners and students of business
  • Results and examples of Love and caring in successful high-performing organisations
  • Latest trends pointing to the emergence of Love and Kindness as key factors for success and engagement 
  • The values supporting and enhancing Love at Work 

The retreat combines experiential learning and peer inquiry with engaging presentations, in tranquil countryside with access to woodland walks, unspoilt nature and abundant wildlife. Participants will have the opportunity for group discussion, creative exploration, personal reflection and one to one mentoring. Plus the opportunity to relish the fine food and wines of the region, together with its culture and history.

Who should attend?

CEOs, Executives and Directors, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Creatives, Academics

Please Note:  in order that you receive maximum attention and greatest learning, there are just 6 places available on the French retreat which takes place at our superb 17th century manor house and 60 acre estate, Domaine de Pessel, in SW France.
There are special arrangements and rates for teams and/or shared rooms. 


Domaine de Pessel

South West France near Bergerac, Aquitaine 


France:  Tues October 1st – Sat October 5th 2019 at Domaine de Pessel Urval 24480

UK: Please inquire

Price: £4,250

(Includes private room, all meals, snacks, beverages, aperitifs and wines, facilitation, mentoring and local excursions)
Follow this link to Domaine de Pessel or click the image on the right to see more about the estate and accommodation.

Travel to and from France is at attendees’ expense.

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