The Power of Love in the Boardroom

 The Power of

Love in the Boardroom

How Courageous Leaders
Create Sustainable Caring Organisations 

How Can Organisations Survive and Thrive
in a World That’s Shifting Radically?

How might leaders respond as revolutions erupt across
countries, cities, communities?

Can love, caring and compassion triumph
when the people are reclaiming their power?

This powerful and important research explores how more than sixty global leaders and prominent thinkers across a wide range of sectors think, feel and act in relation to the idea of expressing love and compassion in their ‘Boardroom’ – from the dignified upper echelons of the City to the more humble primary classroom. Students, teachers, consultants and organisational development experts share their insights and ideas of what love means in the context of work and living a life of value and meaning. 

Taking account of the history of philanthropy and benevolence, including detailed research on the meaning of ‘love’ through the ages, this is a comprehensive study of what it means to be successful, loving and compassionate in successful organisations today, and the importance of the ‘caring corporation’ in our increasingly transparent global society focussed on sustainable, responsible practises.

Whilst we are preparing for launch, please explore these pages, then visit our sister site LoveWorks (link below) where you will find a rich source of knowledge about building and sustaining caring organisations which encourage potential and growth of people, prosperity and planet.

 Love Works

Christine Miller

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