What Does Love Mean – Survey

Christine Miller 

Christine Miller

Has anyone ever asked you what ‘Love’ means to you?


Have you ever thought about the definition of Love that predominates in your life?

 For most of us, the answer is ‘no’.

Very few of us ever get the opportunity to consider this subject – it’s not part of our usual areas for discussion.

It is, though,  proving to be thought-provoking –
a profound and illuminating experience which is creating beneficial behavioural change for the people I’ve been conversing with about Love as part of my research on Love in organisations
and Love – at work generally in our lives. 

Below are 3 key questions I’ve been asking, here in the form of a short survey, which you will  find thought-provoking and life-enhancing. Imagine each of your answers to be about ‘Post-It’ note size.  

Increasing the Understanding of Love and its Power

How can we harness the transformative energy of Love and extend it to all human lives, beyond the individual, to our entire species and into all aspects of the way we live our lives?

These are the discussions and actions I am encouraging and hosting to support the shift in consciousness, in every area of our lives.

About Love

Love is a word that can strike fear into people’s hearts, especially leaders and prominent figures who worry that they may be misunderstood if they express love for their people.

For many, Love equates to romance, rampant emotions and sex. Of course, there are aspects of Love that include the physical, the roller coaster emotions and the falling in love experience.

Here, though, we’re talking of a more encompassing, bigger, expansive kind of Love which is powerful, strong and transformational – and one of the best tools a leader can have in their kit for inspiring their people and encouraging great results. More rising in love, growing in strength and certainty, rather than the head-over-heels attraction.

“Love is the most universal, the most tremendous and the most mystical of cosmic forces. Love is the primal and universal psychic energy. Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.”

Teilhard de Chardin,
The Spirit of the Earth, 1931, VI, 32, 33, 34

Love – A Haiku by Maurice Watts

 “What really is LOVE?
How many flavours are there?
But how great when real?”

Enjoy,  Maurice