Vision & Mission

‘Love in the Boardroom’ is an ongoing research project into leadership and organisational development. It is based on interviews with 65 key global leaders, over 100 management and development consultants and more than 200 business studies students.

This information is supplemented by  extensive inquiry into the current practices and literature of organisational development and business growth. 

The results are in preparation for publication as a series of books and papers, and the practical and effective findings and insights will be made available through workshops and seminars, consulting and coaching.

We are members of one great body, planted by nature in a mutual
love and fitted for a social life. We must consider that we were
born for the good of the whole.

Christine Miller Our vision and intention for ‘Love in the Boardroom’ is to represent the importance of love, altruism, empathy, caring and compassion to the business and organisational world using my established reputation and long term familiarity with human development, spiritual and business paradigms to bring a more caring way and culture of compassion into active being in society.

We are well positioned with trust, credibility, skills and ability to relate to people from the business and organisational world, and to open and facilitate debates around topics such as compassion and caring, values, spirit and love, in the workplace and in daily life.  Our role is that of stepping between these worlds and bridging the gap, respecting the views and methods in existence, whilst making the ‘emotional intelligence’ side of working life more palatable and better regarded as a necessary (and challenging) component for resilience and profitable thriving rather than an optional soft skill.

The boardrooms, inner circles and top level policy meetings of our major institutions and organisations remain the prime places where decisions influencing the future take place. The culture predominating in these upper echelons still tends to be underpinned by the prime concerns of time, fear and the bottom line. A new paradigm for business and the way our world operates, if we are to survive and thrive, depends for its emergence and adoption on the creation of a more sustainable, compassionate, trusting atmosphere and environment.

Love in the Boardroom offers insights into current practice and recommends strategies for different, more productive and happier working environments. It is backed by research into effective means of operating in a more loving and compassionate manner based on a moral compass of universal human values, and discusses how corporates and other organisations can position themselves both to increase profitability and value, and maximise their beneficial societal impact. 

What would a communal heart be like? What would have to happen to bring such a thing into being around one conference table or in a single committee meeting—or in a single church? What would have to be left outside the door? —Gail Godwin

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